It’s like party! I have all the time by myself and no one to annoy me (unless you live in my head). I can do anything I want (like do the laundry). Eat anything I like (instant noodles). And, travel anywhere (walking the dog, without a dog). But, I’m loving it anyways for forty one years (without separation anxiety). I like the fresh air and the breeze (but smoke gets in your eyes). Even if I don’t smoke, but I love cars (which I just watch pass by). Coffee is my dearest friend (but only two cups a day). 🙂 


Better Than SMS

Why Superbly Great is better than SMS?

1. It’s secure. Superbly Great has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to provide a much secure data passing on the Internet from source to the destination.

2. We don’t have personal identifiable data. Superbly Great don’t have any data except your username, password and an opt-in saved messages (it only stores messages you want to save). 

3. You can delete ALL messages in one-click. Superbly Great has the option for users to delete ALL messages you sent and you received in just one click.

4. It’s much cheaper. Since Superbly Great uses Internet connection, it is way cheaper than SMS when sending text messages abroad.

5. No annoying notifications. Superbly Great doesn’t disturb you with too many, irritating notifications. You can just check messages anytime.

6. You can download your saved, important messages for off-line reading. Superbly Great has this feature where you can download all messages that you saved in PDF format on your computer or mobile phone.

These are just some of the compelling reasons that Superbly Great is BETTER than SMS.

Check the link here:

Check out the Android app on Google Play Store here: Google Play Store.


When I was still young, I remember watching Star Trek movies and Picard was still the captain (Kirk would be my grand dad). The USS Enterprise (their ship), had an android named, “Data” who was the lieutenant commander (a serious robot). So, this Android knows everything about history, science, math (better than  Google search) and even sings in the Holodeck (a virtual world inside the ship) with the crew when they want to have some fun and relax (also a party robot). Data, is also the Captain’s friend who helps him solve problems and defeat Klingons and Remulans (more than a party robot) .

So, if you haven’t seen those movies, go to Netflix and enjoy! (more party)  

(What!!! No sarcasm???) Don’t make me your escape goat!