V As In Vegas PRO

I hate to bring you some wonderful news. Humble Bundle has a value proposition to make: To bring you apps like you never opened your wallet before like Vegas Pro (and help charity while you’re at it). 

Check out the link: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-creative-freedom

Note: I am NOT affiliated to Humble Bundle and cohorts. No, seriously I am not their marketing guy. I just like to help others, help others.



Busy like the bees? Maybe it’s time to work up your butt and do something about your life. It’s time to stand up and be a MAN! (not in between). My first order is for you to answer this question: “What subject are you good at?” If you never went to college or even high school, you can determine what talent you have by trying all sorts of things like: Art, Science, Math, Sports, or even assisting, volunteering at any non-profit organization and the like. There are loads of jobs online if you just Google search, register at Linkedin and fill up your profile with honesty (is the best policy or you might get police). Write your experiences as a human being on WordPress or Blogger (be sure it’s for general patronage). If you can’t spell then brush up your vocabulary with apps like World Reader. There are tons of free stuff at Google Play Store to learn and have education by self-study (have fun doing it by talking it up with your friend or buddy).

Come on, MAN! Try the waters and make some SPLASH!

Help yourself.

Help the economy.

Help the environment.

Help your mother.


If you have money problems maybe God is telling you to be courageous and BE A MAN! (with in between).



Horrific Traffic

I’ve been sitting inside a mini store eating ham and cheese, when I came up with a brilliant idea: To solve road traffic problem. I get to see them everyday outside the store with smiling faces (too much smiling actually) without blowing horns! (achievement unlocked). So, I found myself standing at the sidewalk, counting sheep (ehem), counting how many minutes they wait in the intersection. I look silly (someone took a photo of me?) Anyway, it’s about a minute (60 seconds of butt kicking wait). To solve this timing problem, you have to put more stops in between busy intersections (or, burn their driver licenses). And, it’s about half of a minute with one stop. The equation would be:

Waiting = 60 / stops

So, if there are two stops then 60 divided by 2, equals 30 seconds of waiting at the stop sign. Of course, it also depends of the length of the road between intersections and stops.

I do not know if someone will take this seriously, but road traffic is a serious problem (when caught speeding). Maybe, just maybe this will alleviate all the horrors of driving and love your car (more than your phone).

I Don’t Like Money!

I hate money!!! It keeps on dwindling FAST! But, I also love money because I can buy things I need and for others. So, what’s the problem? None, actually. It’s just that here in this world, it’s a material world and people are mad! They keep on thinking about cash, food, cash, food and it’s making them mad for it. And so, I hate money; it makes a person foolish and hurt other people.

Some will say, “Well, I don’t like cash that’s why I use plastic.” Now, that’s funny! Because that is cash which you haven’t got any. So, you have to work to pay for things that you haven’t paid for yet. You’re like a slave to that *new* iPhone. That’s why it’s called, “debt” because it’s a death sentence (and Steve Jobs will not be proud).

Anyway, all I’m saying that you have to work out something good. Because in the end when you die, money will still be there but you will not (I hope I’m still around by that time).

Have A Great Weekend!!!