Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve finally bought a *new* Bluetooth speaker and it’s ORANGE! (Actually, I wanted the black one but they ran out of stock, and because I’m not quirky). It definitely changed my life (because it made my dad more miserable). I really dig those relaxing piano music on Spotify and it’s really depressingly FUN! (from artists only their mom knows).

Just last week, I was singing like crazy (imagine what my neighbors looked like), trying to memorize Bono’s hip-hop, rapping tunes with Edge’s hypnotic riffs. It’s SICK MAN! I can even bring it anywhere in the house while having candle-lit dinner! (without the candles). And, I CAN’T listen to my mom’s gossips and my dad’s troubling radio announcements!



Sing this with the minions in mind singing a Hawaiian, summer dance under a scorching heatwave.











E-Star Apple







NBA Championship

I love basketball (because I am not good at it). Everyone is waiting  in anticipation for the next game and getting giddy to see how the audience slay the opposing team (by committing technical fouls). It’s also nice to see how serious the game is even if it’s just a game. But no, it’s not just a game, it is war! War between good versus evil (especially when the player goes to the free-throw line). A battle between opposing forces that have high stakes (as in pork). It’s like Fortnight but with a ball! Or, DOTA without a mouse! A crucial decision to make yourself great (and make advertisers great again). 

So, in our best interest, we should watch how they defeat foes and make your mother cry (because you spent your money on a game called, “basketball”). 


Look outside. What do you see? Then, pause for a minute and try to look everything you see with meticulous focus. Flying birds that light on a branch or leaf; trees swaying gently with the breeze; the sky has clouds that sometimes looked like elephants, and horses, cats and dogs; wind that you feel without seeing it.

These things are not random. It all has a purpose; a season in everything under the Sun.

Try to listen on the music you collected over the years and listen to even the old ones since you were a child. Does it make sense? Is it relevant to what you are experiencing, and even the world around you? The words; the lyrics and the time that has been reincarnated into something beautiful? I miss those songs and I want to try to listen better.

Selah is a word that means, “a pause.” It is written in the book of Psalms and evokes a sense of understanding the world around you. Why do we live as we live today? It’s a cause and effect, or a plan from the beginning? Because there is a reason…

There is a reason why Deadpool overtakes The Infinity War at the box-office. There is a reason and a purpose.

Is this post right from the start? When does it end? That, I do not know.

Note: I should have cut the part regarding Deadpool. It destroyed everything! 🙂