No Pets Allowed In This Gym

Seriously?!? I mean why would pets need to workout? You can put them on the thread mill to walk the dog (with a leash of course). You can also use them to growl at on-lookers laughing out loud outside the glass windows (although there is no food inside the gym). Drink a lot of egg whites? (with the hen). Pussy cat on the bench press? Hamster on electric bike? Tweety carrying weights? Ants doing push-ups. Goldfishes deep breathing!! (hahaha).


The Insect

Hey, everyone! I found an insect beside the swimming pool! (hooray?) I even photographed it and would like to share to the world! 😀 I am also planning to print it and brag about it to my relatives on Facebook! I could almost see mom like it a million times! Now, I will go back to the pool and find some more insects. My heart is leaping in joy, unlike your boring pet dogs (huh).

The Unknown Insect I Found Beside The Pool

P.S. I created with the magnificence of my Celeron laptop a wallpaper for your enjoyment AND satisfaction (in PSD format).

Google Drive Wallpaper The Insect In Photoshop Format Download

Church Mass

Every Sunday, there are mass shootings, uh, I mean camera photo ops of the pope during mass. As if the pope is some Justin Beiber or Kevin Durant of some sort. Let’s pray that the photos are clear and there are bright and saturated of color. Just adjust the brilliancy and one-click enhance of your revolutionary app. Can’t you get enough of pope already? I think I had enough!

P.S. I’ll rather use the sound recorder instead of the camera.

See below of my top recommended apps for sound recording.

Another P.S. Ain’t the sunrise much better (with the pope in it of course)?

Hey, look at what I got!!!

“The Fish Pond”

See? These creatures are so relaxing to look at. Sometimes I wish I could be like them (Aquaman?) And, think like them (hehe). All they do is swim and enjoy the fresh air.

My Top 5 Sound Recording Apps:

n-Track Studio: n-Track Studio

Magix Jam: Magix Jam

FL Studio Mobile: FL Studio Mobile

NCH WavePad Audio Editor: NCH WavePad Audio Editor

NCH Mixpad Music Mixer: Mixpad Music Mixer


I want to live in a mall. All the things I want is in there. Like designer clothes, gaming laptops, iPhones, iPads, iWants, but not what I need (All I need is love actually). And, there is no swimming pool, sunlight, trees, flowers and even people (because it’s closed already). A mall is basically like 7-11. It’s just a huge store or flea market (only it’s aircon). Hmmm, an air-conditioned flea market? w/o the fleas? I don’t want to live outside the mall because the mall lives inside me.