BIG Apps

App, app and awaaaaaaayyyyy! (Thud!) Who would buy apps? Apps nowadays are just free (as in beer, so you must be over 18). Therefore, you must create something that people can actually use (and, you are also using). Aspiring developers must make BIG apps to dream BIG! Or else, lose to BIG brands. You can try Indiegogo, I for sure wouldn’t hesitate to try it. There is no harm on trying (you’ll just lose an organ or so). Never lose hope! For hope is new everyday! 


Houses Are Cheap

Yeah, you read that right! (And, I must be insane). Houses are cheap especially the house I am living in (yeah, I must be insane). That’s why I wanted to move (like a far, far away place, a long, long time ago). My dream house is not situated in Mars, but somewhere there at the foot of the sunset. It is quiet, cold and pleasantly nature breath (no carbon emissions). And, I love where the cross stands just below eye level from the balcony. It is my refuge and my strength. I love the myst and the coffee (and free WIFI). Where I find inspiration and a place to express my creative hypocracy. Who would ever imagine a house so cheap and yet so precious (I don’t). However, there are things to attend to and a long wait before it is forever (yeahba). Then, I end up in the very place where my heart yearns for. Because your home is where your heart is (about 90 bpm, actually). 

The Final Meltdown

My laptop is doing some aerobics because it needs to be healthy and strong (Intel Celeron N3050 couldn’t be better!). It’s faster than my old mother. It’s faster than a Roomba (vacuum cleaner), and it’s faster than a pregnant Shi Tzu (just like I saw the other day). Then, the end of the world is nigh because of this “Meltdown” CPU bug. I think it’s us whose gonna melt like cheese dogs than our laptops for WordPress, I mean, our Internet is slow enough to bad mouth snails, then THIS!?! It says about kernel (blah, blah) and Windows 7 and 8 will be mostly impacted by slowness, and Windows 10 machines are somewhat slow, and my smartphone, but my tablet Kindle Fire (which is safe), and now I am slowly realizing that the world are just bytes.

All of us are somewhat sad about this but most hackers are partying like it’s still New Year’s Eve! (hopefully, they get drunk and forget about it).  I’m a bona fide software developer myself (applause), and an ethical human being (yawn). Somehow, this tragic thing will be gone by buying AMD! 🙂 (the next post is called, “James Bond 007 Specter).