Ginger Beer

No video for today since I went home late and I’m at the other side of the world, which has time difference. It’s 8pm here from where I am. I’m saying these things so that you won’t label me as a lazy, fat man because I’m not! Ok, let’s set aside these excuses and on with what occurred you might find funny.

I went out with myself to feed my dogs corn chips. It’s been two years since we left our old house and moved into a new home which is a twenty minute commute (on a bus). So, every week I visit my dogs that were left behind because they are not house broken (you get it?)  This is the situation. I don’t have a wife, children or money (hehe), but I am happy (this gets boring). Though, I do have pet dogs, two of them. One is a shi tzu and the other is a half breed German shepherd with a dash of stray dog (my dad was actually lying to impress the kids). The shi tzu is a REAL shi tzu, which my dad received from a friend as a gift but gave it to me as my responsibility. So, every week, I ride the bus going to our old, creaky house to feed my dogs corn chips. The small one is an old dog, I mean really old. And the other is a younger, spunkier and easily gets jealous to the old guy. After so many years, they became friends but gets twitchy when I’m there with them (gets?) If we live in the U.S., then we might end up in jail for abandonment. But no, we live in the East and even eat them as food! (nope, am not like those people). Anyway, we had good times. They are just animals but we too right? (hehe) I grew up not with the same mindset as my neighbors, for I was raised as a caring person. I love dogs, cats, lions, elephants, the sick, the poor, the old and the weak. You might have an impression that I am some kind of a saint, and I’m technically yes, but really I don’t mind. Mother Theresa is an old lady who became a saint not because she is rich, or a hot, good looking chick, but because she cared.

You might be wondering why the title of this post? After the corn chips comes the beer – Ginger Beer from New Zealand (non alcoholic in nature).

Errata: We left the dogs back in the old house but we hired someone to take good care of them since then (got scared?) Hahaha! 🙂


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