Yesterday, I went to an appliance store to look for a laptop (yup, the one for Facebook). Then, I wondered if this thing could give me love, then why not? Months ago, I attended a gaming summit, which is quite far from our house, and bought a pair of cheap, bluetooth  headphones. In a matter of hours when I got home, it broke. So, I traveled again to reach the end of the world just to replace my newly bought headphones. Fortunately, they got me a new one and so I thought it was fine, good service and all. We went to the airport and used the headphone and luckily, it broke again. Now, the summit just ended (and my brief moment of my life). I immediately contacted the seller and talked about the ‘design flaw’ of that headphones and should be replaced with another brand, which is much expensive (surprise!). I phoned him almost everyday but no one is answering. Now, I was praying hard that maybe, just maybe the seller will find a hole in his heart and bring peace to mine. The next day, I gave my last hallelujah and he answered! And, scheduled a meet near where the summit once and exchange it for a brand, spanking new headphones, and I did!

Errata: The moral lesson of the story is, “BUY AN EARPHONES!!!”

There’s MORE than MEETS THE EYE here: MOAR 8Bit RPG Youtube Videos

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