Price Is Right!

This is kinda epic. When I was small (who always brings around a pillow), me and my family used to get together on a couch to watch this awesome show. The host (with an 80s hair do) will call the lucky contestants from the audience and compete each other of who can guess the price of the prizes shown (by women with perfect sets of teeth). The one who has the closest guess wins the game and get picked. It was fun to watch since the prizes keeps on getting bigger and better (like taxes), and the contestant can get some hints from the audience shouting and screaming their lungs out giving random numbers to make them more confusing (yeah, thanks to them). And usually, the last price is…

I have to make a living out of this, and my neighbor’s dogs are barking already! Click this little link and it will take you to a fairy tale world called Google Play Store. Guess what price this is? Simpler News that no one cares about.


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