Flower Love

I HATE Valentines Day! Why? Because I am ALLERGIC to flowers! We went to the mall and saw people lining up just to get some flowers for their love ones (love ones, without the the ‘d’ because they’re still alive!). You could see them smiling, and holding hands as if they enjoy their company, and chatting in REAL LIFE (for the first time). Then after some few seconds, they will reach for their phones and check for text messages from their so-called ‘other,’ SPECIAL friend. You could see baking products shaped like hearts, with a splash of RED, and filled with SUGAR. A candle lit dinner, with some Jazz and some few dance steps to clear off the calories, and watch a movie like, “The Fault in the Moon’ or something a hundredth times. Buy a book about love that will make you sob and count the tears falling from your cheeks.

Then, tomorrow is another NORMAL day when we love to HATE.

Please, PLEASE! I’m BEGGING you to check out my FREE app (what happens when you forgot giving her flowers): Simpler News So, simple it ROCKS!!!.


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