I’m BAAaackkkkkkkkkk-K!

Sorry to say, but I AM BACK!!! (ouch!) I just resurrected this morning (but with slight sniff and there). Now, with a week worth of rest and vitamin C, I’m stronger than ever! (almost too strong). No really, I’m just back to my normal self. Washing the dishes and taking out the trash (neighbor talk). Again, this life have brought me a second chance in life. I thought I’m gonna die with too much cold virus the other day. Armed only with vitamin pill, pineapple juice and a pillow, I fought the giant inside me. Miraculously, with prayer, I was healed. Who knows that someday cold viruses can be deadly? (I hope not!) Antibodies with the thousand armies fight head-on with the strongest nemesis, leading the pack is a wounded general:

“Today, we stand in the midst of a great battle. Whether we win or lose, we stood together. Side-by-side we fought with courage and determination because of that yearning for peace we once dreamed of. Now, the final end. Finally, we’ve WON!!!”

The trumpets have been blown, and the march begins. Then, the first line rushes towards the giant, swinging their swords with all their might. Blood spilled and heads ripped apart. Bodies flying like withered leaves, and the thousand became hundreds then a few. No one is left but corpses lying on the fields of smoke. And, who won? In all of battles, there is this one question. The answer lies on the giant who fell on the cliff, who sank into the deepest darkness and there was only silence.

After a hard-won fight, the end is clear that good always will win.


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