I dunno if it’s safe to say, “Kleanex” without infringing copyrights (the spelling is wrong, it should be kleenex with an ‘e’ not ‘a’). We’ve all been through this initiation of using this ply of soft wood just to put mucus on. Without this invention, we will be all using a table napkin (which I occasionally use when I was a kid)!

Sometimes, you would wonder why things get bought by people. Not because it is so awesome and genius or stamped with an apple logo, but because at the right moment at the right time, we NEED it. Humans have to meet the essentials that’s why there’s no house without a toilet, or plates and cups and refrigerators and yeah, even smartphones! It has become so awkward to go outside without your phone with you, right? It’s like you are going to die (knock on wood) and need an emergency at some point and an ambulance to rush to our aid or some disaster might happen, or an alien invasion that’s why we bring our phones with us ALL THE TIME!!

JUST-LIKE-Kleanex. 🙂

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