Ash Wednesday

I’m not Catholic, but I wanted to (because of Christmas). But, it’s not Christmas so why bother? Today is Ash Wednesday (hopefully, not the ash of my pet dog). So, we had time to visit the mall and have a decent meal. It was… a pity since we just talked about where to put their ashes (somewhere). Ha ha, I was just kidding. Actually, we talked about leadership (because they’re lousy at it). It’s about on how to run the country and running schools and corporations (no kidding!) As if I was born to be a leader (oh, brother) The truth is leading people is HARD (period). Because people are HARD HEADED!!! They don’t follow even when you are right. They have their own agenda, they know better than you and it’s a pain to be ‘just’ a follower. Who wants to be a bona fide, lowly follower where you can be a leeeeeader, the one on top of everyone, the HIGHEST. This was also the argument among the disciples of Jesus, whether who is THE GREATEST of them all. Jesus with all his humility, brought a child in front of them. A small, innocent and mindless child.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

So, now we have to drink kool aid instead of beer?? I mean, look at those children. They are CRAZY!!! They just play all day, running and wailing and follow you…Wait. Follow their parents all the time? Hhhmmm, I guess to be a leader, we have to be GOOD followers (makes sense, huh?)



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