Arrrgh, Treasure!!!

I was lurking around the bookstore to find me some fish (I mean books, ehem) to catch in when I saw teens laughing around a table at the front. So, I was curious. Suddenly, they dissipated quickly as they gathered and saw this treasure chest. “Is it… is it full of gold? A crown perhaps and some Spanish coins?” But when I opened it, it was a chest full of books! How to make pottery of some kind (a kid with a magic wand) perhaps, for I have read myriad of books in my lifetime and taught me not only how to live, but how to live to the fullest (like incarcerated inside my room all day).

I’ve learned after so many years that a lot of peoples’ lives has been ruined because of deficiency of love (eeewww) and the lack thereof. It’s a strong word. It might hurt us or inspire us in different ways, but usually make us more human and a better one (hopefully).

I didn’t find gold or a Kingsley crown I could wear all day (which make me look stupid anyway), but books are sometimes the best and most valuable thing there is that you can call a treasure (but I’ll rather have gold). Arrrrgh!!!

More treasures here: Aarrrggh!


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