I’m fat. Medium fat. Like the son of Santa Claus. Yet, for fat people they see me as skinny. How to lessen my fat belly? Massage (like those cows) to have more meat, and fed with wine (well, I like the wine part). My dad always tells me that I’m fat, but not AS fat as mom (so, she’s fatter). I need to lose some waist (ehem) I mean weight. Sometimes, telling me I’m fat makes fatter people cringe. He’s fat then I’m Mona Lisa!! Or, whales that traps mackerels with bubbles to feed themselves (National Geographic NOT porn!) His answer is exercise (like everyday). Now, mom has to do it every hour just to keep up! My answer is less food. Then, fatter people will die of starvation! Unless, there is this magic pill when swallowed will destroy all the fat cells like Incredible Hulk on steroids, bashing Iron Man and Captain America with toe nails! Yet, fat cells helps us feel warmer in the Arctic. Then, I’ll insult dad of being so cold. LOL!


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