Investing AI (Artificial Intelligence)

ROBOTS, ROBOTS, ROBOTS ARE EVERYWHERE!!! AHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!! Man, it’s SCARY! Robots will replace our jobs!!! (yeah, I can feel your pain). This is a new age, I call it, “Robotic Age.” A new dawn shall arise where robots will rule the workforce. Everyone is protesting on streets and pitching, “We are Human Beings, We are STARVING.” Famine is getting worse everyday, and robot police are battling the restless crowd. Then, one day only the strong shall survive, for they are machines.

I can say is we are watching too many movies (Ultron everyone???) Robots would replace most jobs, but those kind of jobs are the jobs we hate. I guess what will happen is we would need to learn new skills, a college diploma to have jobs that are in demand AND that are high paying jobs. Tip: Invest on good education. Gone are those days where a high school grad can work like flipping burgers all their lives. This is a new era.

As I read the news today, robots are getting better at figuring what stocks to invest in. HOLY CRAP!!!

LONG LIVE THE HUMAN RACE!!! Apps, Books and Humanity


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