Kong Kang: Gulay Island (Water Spinach: Veggie Island)

I’ve watched pretty every King Kong movie there is and I even saw the original one years ago (when king kong was still a prince). They’ve used stop action technique to produce those movies and it’s funny (It’s like using play doh for making it). Then, later years followed and I saw a glimpse of Godzilla vs King Kong and it was awesome! It’s like Bruce Lee vs Jacky Chan or, Batman vs Superman or, Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior or, Trump vs CNN!!

Now, I am more than excited to watch this “horror” movie (rated R) and enjoy the menace it brings to our senses (maybe it’s better to read the book).

Errata: Kong: Skull Island is already a box office success this very minute! (I can hear the wine popping by drunken masters)


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