Rockets go to space, but can it somehow ship our stuff using it? For example, I bought a two dollar razor and I want it shipped right now (because I’m late for a meeting at Uber for example), then rockets could be a faster way to deliver my purchase right? Imagine Amazon would use this kind of technology to deliver our fruits and veggies to our doorsteps in a fraction of a minute, and it arrives as macaroni salad. Maybe instead of Hyperloop, you ride on the rocket and blast your way to the White House and be assigned as EPA chief since you’ve saved millions of dollars of carbon waste waiting for that book about Faults in Stars to arrive?

What I am trying to say is instead of using rockets as vehicles in going crazy, we could utilize these kind of inventions to help us in our daily lives. It may sound stupid, but human beings over the centuries have become more stupid and forgetting what life is all about.


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