Proud To Be Humble

I’m quite confused what person to listen to whether I become humble or think highly to be successful. Successful people will say you have to think as the person you wanted to be, like being Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, or that person riding a Ferrari (during rush hours). Then, there is the ‘other’ side that you should become humble like Gandhi, or Mother Theresa, or a hunchback whale. I know it’s obvious to choose a Ferrari over Steve Jobs, but Gandhi also changed the world right? And, we know Mother Theresa will go to heaven just like Bill Gates after saving sooooo many people. But, the reality is the people I mentioned ARE humble people even if they have riches that can buy Hawaii (just for fun). AND, they don’t slack around like I do. They have this engine that runs tirelessly for hours each day and they love what they do (like skydiving). I guess, at the end of the day, it’s going to be nice sunset.


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