Long Life

Science is the Holy Grail of eternal life. As if the web is not complete without mentioning Gene editing, which scientists use to kill tumors, heal the sick and now the lame can walk. New cancer drugs are popping up everywhere that promises cure in a matter of days (Oh my goshhh)! Then, there are the few (and proud) that go primitive like eating fruits and veggies, exercising, and sun bathing in the afternoon to absorb vitamin D (D for dushbag). All because we wanted to live a long(er) life. How about this: bullying at school, malls, with dear neighbors, on FB (24 hours a day), demotion at work, the BOSS, your WIFE, obscene kids, financial problems like money to buy diapers, prepaid and postpaid, even relationship orgasm, terrorists, software bugs, slow internet, low ratings, stupidity, and our looks (praying could help)!!! Sometimes, we wonder if having eternal life here on earth is best for us, or are we actually longing for a happier life?


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