In the morning, before the assembly, we copy-pasted assignments from other classmates. The bell rang and we went to the assembly area to make fun of our principal whose fly is open while he prayed. After the first class, we needed to read some book our teacher required us, so we headed to the library and photocopied the whole book for us to do our homework later on. Ten minutes before the bell rang, we bullied a classmate for being stupid-looking (like I do). During the class while listening to the sermon (ehem, lecture), we courted the teacher for being beautiful and such. The next class is Math. So, I just asked my teacher that I’m not feeling well and sent me to the clinic to sleep. Later, I joined with my classmates during merienda time and coerced my weak-eyed friend to buy me spaghetti without paying for it. After having our merienda, we walked upstairs to peek at some girls in restrooms for fun. Our favorite part of school came when we were dismissed. So, we went to our favorite hangout at the store outside and read comic books without paying. Finally, the final exam came and we just cheated. Now, we just graduated from high school.

Errata: This story is pure, pulp fiction and did not happen in real life (although for some). A made-up story to make life fun.


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