To become a writer, you must first read (if you can do both read and write simultaneously then your scary). Then, you must enroll to a good school (good looking is also nice). Of course, you must study hard (harder is better) and join contests and win awards (not in best actor). You must master the British accent (like a jedi). Wave your hand (he, he). Collect books from distant shores (ayyyee, capt’in). Have a religion (not cults and goblins). After finishing this test, you shall be a certified online BLOGGER BWAHAHAHA!!! (hey, it’s a job!)

Errata: This post may sound harsh, but I am also a certified blogger FYI!!! As of today, I’ve reached a MILESTONE for having more than 50 LIKES!!! Love you people, and keep on LIKING!!! šŸ™‚


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