Care Giving

Being a care giver is not an easy task (like doing calculus). It takes a lot of patience (like the crucifixion) and you should have the skills to perform all your duties and functions. A care giver MUST do all of these things: You have to do the laundry (automatic or manual), cook some edible grub (Mc Donalds), feed and carry the old geezer (20 pounds), wash their bottoms (with sanitizers), read them a story (fake news), clean the toilet (using a Mac), sweep the floor (Roombah), do some errands and shop for groceries (GAP), buy diapers AND put it on them (like a king), and later bring them to a hospital and collect a fortune (if they have one). These may sound awesome, but at least no robot can take your job, right?


Errata: This post may also sound harsh. I’m just saying that being a care giver is important to our society and the human race. 🙂


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