My What A Busy Day

I am making my own website where people can post ads which is not annoying like those nice looking banners (flashing in neon). Trying to make ads beautiful and attractive (like popups). Because sometimes we like to know if there are any promotions and discounts right? (yeah, I want to know too). Think Craigslist without Craig, or Best Buy without buy, or Walmart with ONLY the wall! 😉 


We Love To Talk

We are social animals. But, sometimes animals need to talk quietly. What I mean is we should talk without others knowing about it. It’s a secret…

Yeah, it’s kinda lame I know. If you find it cool, then you’re cool. If not, hehe.

The website is:

You can get the Android app here: Superbly Great Android App FREE No Ads

The Notch Trend

I’ve been an avid fan of smartphone tech (it’s my Netflix at home). And, I see this trend coming (without the fans). The “Notch” on every “All-Screen” phones without anything else (except the screen). Too bad if you are wearing gloves (on snow storms). If only Blackberrys have a notch (that’s notch a problem?) why do we need it? It’s like the screen is not large enough? It may be design over function to make it look better perhaps, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing if it is trying something new.