After writing an article about traffic on the Internet, my Internet suddenly crawled to a slow pace like a turtle (AND as old as a turtle).
That’s the bad part, but the good part is I have time off (hehe, the same old excuses). I got to drink green tea (as I always do), and watch the clouds (nope, NOT about servers), pass by. Didn’t you notice, they have funny shapes? I saw Snoopy staring upwards towards the sky like John Lennon’s cover art album, “Imagine.” So, bizarre. Yeah, I do want to imagine people living in peace (pieces! hehe). Because it’s not about color, or gender (nope, I’m not gay), or nationality, for it’s about life.

Life. It’s a good thing to be alive! BUTT, we’re gonna die someday.
So, let’s live in piece (peace of a pie?) Do good because the love you take is equal to the love you make (bake?) Or, maybe fake? I’ll rather have some cake! Mmmmm!


The Mall! (den, den ,den, deeennnn)

Ahhh, the mall. It has that wonderful smell of aircon (since we live in a tropical country). Everytime I go there, it is an adventure. You will need to cross creaky bridges, avoid deadly traps, fight venomous snakes, hidden underground doorways, and with perseverance and strength you’ll find your precious treasure! Unless, you’ll not find what you are looking for after scouring all the shops there. Yeah, I know that feeling. With all the inventory, you still cannot find what you are looking for. If only you have a search engine for that (wink, wink).

But, it’s holiday season! We must lest to forget all the aches, headaches and poor customer experiences (they must meet targets). “50% off,” is the key to survival (or greater, which ever comes first). Com ‘on guys, they decorated it with beautiful Christmas decorations, they must at least be compensated (since you will be doing lots of photography and portraits).

Therefore, go ye and do some shopping (and it’s still November). 🙂

No Pets Allowed In This Gym

Seriously?!? I mean why would pets need to workout? You can put them on the thread mill to walk the dog (with a leash of course). You can also use them to growl at on-lookers laughing out loud outside the glass windows (although there is no food inside the gym). Drink a lot of egg whites? (with the hen). Pussy cat on the bench press? Hamster on electric bike? Tweety carrying weights? Ants doing push-ups. Goldfishes deep breathing!! (hahaha).

The Insect

Hey, everyone! I found an insect beside the swimming pool! (hooray?) I even photographed it and would like to share to the world! 😀 I am also planning to print it and brag about it to my relatives on Facebook! I could almost see mom like it a million times! Now, I will go back to the pool and find some more insects. My heart is leaping in joy, unlike your boring pet dogs (huh).

The Unknown Insect I Found Beside The Pool

P.S. I created with the magnificence of my Celeron laptop a wallpaper for your enjoyment AND satisfaction (in PSD format).

Google Drive Wallpaper The Insect In Photoshop Format Download