Question: What Is Your Most Important Goal For Your Website?

Answer: Make me laugh.

Question: What Is Your Secondary Goal?

Answer: Make you laugh.

Question: What Value This Website Offer To People Who Find It?

Answer: People learn how to make fun of other people.

Question: Who Is Your Target Audience?

Answers: Cry babies. 🙂


Why Do We Need To Work

If you ask me, this infographic is bonehead! (but, I did it)

I know some are you will be offended by this, but who cares? (I do).

I shouldn’t make fun of giving wealth to people who have none because that is the essence of giving. I love to give. (and, I hope we all do).

Money isn’t everything. We just have to get past the money problem and live a life of love! (like Yoda once said).

20 (Plus) Days

What I’ve been doing lately and why I haven’t updated my blog for 20 plus days:

-I’ve been drinking ice cold coffee (it’s 40 degrees Celsius, and my egg is getting scrambled).

-Applying for a job here, there and everywhere (inside LinkedIn).

-Doing my social chat website (hey, why don’t you try it: https://www.superblygreat.com).

-Watching clouds go by and saw a cat getting eaten by a big-headed snake! (just weird).

-Watching YouTube (but clouds are better).

-Reading the news (good and bad).

-Playing sims and be like the president of the United States (data, more data).

-Deleting Facebook (deleting problems).

-Living simply (but, it’s not that simple).

We Are Free

I have the freedom to do what I want (if I have money).

If I like to install Linux inside my computer, nobody should complain (although my neighbors are also free. As in beer).

If they like to give away free software, they should do so as they please (not ransomware).

If I want to listen to Deezer instead of Spotify, I am free to do so (even if Taylor Swift loves Spotify).

AND, if I like to watch YouTube, it must be free! (oh no, not the Avengers movie).