Raspberry Pie

Years before, I dreamt up on making my own small-sized, affordable computer for schools but never happen (because of economics). Now, we have this teensy-weensy computer that revolutionized (a revolution). This computer can be used to almost anything with adding modules like temperature sensors, servos, make your own robots and autonomous cars (but I don’t want to ride one). This is the dream I was dreaming for and it came true (without the economics). After waiting for years, I’ve finally have one and it’s awesome (it’s so easy, your grandma will become grandpa). This is what I’ve been doing late nights (and lots of milk teas). A secret project that will change the world forever (it’s time to call grandma). 

This is an invention created by:

  • Eben Upton
  • Rob Mullins: a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge
  • Jack Lang: an affiliated Lecturer at the Computer Laboratory and the founder of Electronic Share Information Ltd
  • Alan Mycroft:
    professor of Computing in the Computer Laboratory and co-founded the
    European Association for Programming Languages and Systems
  • Pete Lomas: director of Engineering at Norcott Technologies
  • David Braben: CEO of Frontier Developments and co-writer of the seminal Elite

I’ll just give you the link to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi_Foundation.



Who can’t live without the toaster? I mean, I wake up every morning and heat water in the toaster and mix some coffee (yeah, that weird). It was invented by a guy who is a die hard toast eater and wants a perfect toast (who wouldn’t want to be perfect?) Got fed up to the chef and invented something (I got fed up with dad actually and might invent something). So, with his genius, he borrowed an idea from others by using a coil that heats up on both sides, and placed a spring and clock to jump up when toast is done. He called it, “Toastmaster!” It became a hit with restaurants and people clamored to buy one for home (and he gave in and became a zillionaire (yeah, that’s actually a word)). 

The moral of the story is to make something useful after waking up in the morning. 🙂

Inventions That Shook Me

Starting today onwards, I will be writing about all the inventions that shook me or some things I can’t live without (except you of course). What makes it unique or appealing, or why am I wasting my time using it? I will also give you some historical information, data and more nonsense. A background story about the inventor (and his boring plight), and find out how to invent a product ourselves (like mana from heaven). Giving you tools and services to bring your ideas to life (commercial here).

Anyway, I hope you like this idea (yes, I know), and keep reading my stuff! And, because we all have something creative in us which drives us to be awesome. 🙂